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New monthly competition – find the paw print!

We’re kicking off a new competition this month — everyone had such fun with the Scavenger Hunt that we thought, Why don’t we have one more often? Well, it’s pretty tiring coming up with loads of cryptic clues all year round, so here’s a new, and simpler challenge.

Every month, Andrea will hide this image (right) somewhere on The Clan, and the first Clanner to send her a PM with the correct location will win five (5) Nanuaks. The winner will be announced in the Competitions section of this site.

More information…

The E-Team

CJ Watso has proposed that there should be a post and/or days registered minimum before a new Clanner can join The E-Team. Do you agree? There is a poll where you can vote on the issue.

The poll closes 14th September.

The Clanimation begins…

With the winner of the Clanimation scriptwriting contest announced, it’s time to get animating!

Please check which team you’re on – the discussion threads for Team A and Team B are both in the Clanner’s Art board.

Clanners in Team A, make sure you send a private message to @wolfbrother if you want to draw a particular character. Remember, Team A will no longer accept concept character artists when slots have filled. So be quick!

The Clanimation – vote now

Clanners, now’s your chance to vote for your favourite script in the Clanimation, and those in team A, do note that the project will be starting soon!

(Photo: Vote Here Vote Aquí by myJon on Flickr.)

July’s Clashing Clans Leaderboard

Armed with only a spreadsheet, we have calculated and updated the Clashing Clans Leaderboard for July 2011. Our current leader is the Deep Forest group of clans, and our top Clanner this month is NixNight, with an impressive 127 Nanuaks!

Special mention must also go to gryffindorhg, a dedicated Clanner who has almost singlehandedly moved the Wiki from its old home to its current location. Clanners, take note — the Guardians and I will award Nanuaks to those we feel have been contributing valuable content to The Clan! This means being welcoming to new Clanners, extending help whenever needed, and generally being a great person to know on The Clan.

With the Clanimation project just beginning (where are your scripts?!) and more competitions planned for the month of August, there are so many more chances to earn Nanuaks and be in the running for the grand prize — get posting!

(Image source: Henryk Kowalewski)

A Special Clan Event – Chat to Michelle’s Publisher

There’s only one more day to get your questions in to Elv Moody, Michelle’s editor for the upcoming series Gods and Warriors. She’ll be answering your questions all day on Friday (UK time), so those with burning questions about the new series, and really want to be the first to know, now’s your chance to find out!

The winners of The Clan Scavenger Hunt

Just two days ago, we launched The Clan Scavenger Hunt, a search through the new website to find images hidden within. Well, the Clanners rose to the challenge, and we are pleased to announce that we have our winners!

As the first Clanner to find all the images, The Bright Beast wins 100 Nanuaks, a limited edition Chronicles of Ancient Darkness poster — signed by Michelle — and a gorgeous box set of the entire Chronicles series.

Our runners-up win 50 Nanuaks apiece, and their favourite book from the Chronicles, signed and dedicated personally by Michelle. They are: GlowingWolfEyes, The Black Arrow, and coldone.

Our heartiest congratulations to the winners, and if you missed out this time, don’t worry, we’ve got lots more competitions coming soon on All our competitions are members-only, so if you’re a fan of Michelle Paver and haven’t yet become a Clanner, it’s a good time to get started!

The Clan is back and better than ever!

Hello, and a warm welcome to The Clan! The re-design has been a real journey for everyone, and we’re extremely pleased to be able to tell you about all the wonderful things this latest version of The Clan has to offer.

Firstly, do remember to read Michelle’s latest note to Clanners the world over. She’s been watching the re-design and update and has lots to say about it.

We know many Clanners also had lots of opinions about the new design, and we just wanted to say that we hear you. We’ve all worked hard in getting The Clan where it is today — Clanners, guardians, and administrators — and to thank you for all your patience and dedication, we’re launching The Clan Scavenger Hunt! Images have been hidden around and we’ve come up with clues to find them. There are great prizes lined up for the the first few who find them all, including — more details are in the forum.

Another new feature of The Clan is the official launch of our currency, the Nanuak. Clanners will have noticed they’ve been earning these little creatures, and we know we’ve been a little tight-lipped about what they are and what Clanners can do with them. We can now reveal all — not only do Nanuaks contribute to deciding who’s been the top Clanner and the top Clan every year, you can also use them in our Shop! There’s lots of detail in the full post All About Nanuaks, but in short: earning lots of Nanuaks could mean a huge prize at the end of the year — if you’re our top-scoring Clanner.

And our final big news with this announcement: Elv Moody (aka Seafalcon), the Editorial Director at Puffin Books, will be visiting The Clan on 22 July, answering questions about Gods and Warriors. We’ve created a thread specially for your questions, so please get posting in time for Elv to answer them all!

Welcome from Michelle

Hello Clanners —

I’m delighted to welcome you to the new-look Clan!

As you know, I don’t have internet access — but I’ve been watching the new site take shape over the past few weeks as and when my travels have brought me into contact with computers. I do hope that you like it as much as I do — and my main reason for liking it is that it still does superbly what it always did, namely to help my readers talk to each other and share their enthusiasm for my books.

It occurs to me that to some of you, any changes to The Clan come as a shock, and I do understand that. It may help to bare in mind what Fin-Kedinn said: “Everything changes, all the time… The thing to remember is that not every change is bad.”

The Clan has had a number of homes over the years, each one bigger and better than the previous one. And of course, each transition has had its early teething troubles, which soon get sorted out. So if something appears to be missing, or isn’t working yet, do let Admin and Andrea know via the Beta Testing and Bug Reports forum.

Speaking of the people behind the scenes — I’d like to publically pay tribute to the Clan Guardians, some of whom have been with us since the year dot. They work hard to ensure that this is a safe and happy place for all Clanners, and it simply wouldn’t be The Clan without them. I’d like to thank you for all your energy, enthusiasm and dedication, especially for your feedback over the past few weeks. You are stars!

You will see a host of new features coming online in the new Clan soon. I won’t steal anybody’s thunder by pre-empting them, but let me just draw your attention to the wonderful new Wiki that’s now up and running. The old wiki contained some valuable information, but the new one is better. Wikis are, of course, open for all Clanners to contribute to — the more you put in to it, the better it will be and the more we’ll all benefit from it. So please do take part and add whatever you can. As it gets bigger, it will become the definitive point of reference for all kinds of information about CoAD — apart from, of course, the books themselves!

In fact, I think I’d better stop now, before I’m tempted to spend even more time here. So for me, it’s back to writing GODS & WARRIORS and for all of you I really hope you enjoy your new home!


Posting Issue

Update: You can now post new threads — however, we’ve had to switch off the wiki while we continue to work on these bugs. Thank you so much for your patience thus far!

The new Clan forums are still in beta; at the moment, there is an issue with creating new threads – we’re working on it.  You can, however, still add to existing threads simply by using the quick editor at the bottom of the page.  Apologies to everyone for this, please be patient!

Welcome to the new Clan –

Work is still going on behind the scenes and it’s fairly non-stop, but we’d like to take the time to welcome Clanners to the new-look website for The Clan. Here is a list of major changes:

  • The URL is now!
  • The homepage is different.
  • We have launched two new features, a book recommendations section and our very own Virtual Museum, which has a huge number of entries!

Here’s what hasn’t changed:

  • Your login name, password, and settings are still the same.
  • The threads have been preserved as completely as possible, apart from a few days between databases. It is entirely possible to copy and paste your posts from to

We know there are still some problems to be ironed out, so please do post problems that you find in the Beta testing forum. Do check that someone else hasn’t already posted a thread with the same issue.

In the meantime, please do continue to be patient with us as we work through the teething problems of implementing this new design on the website and forum. We hope to see you posting here on

The Clan – rebooted

There’s been lots of talk about, and we can confirm that there will be a new-look version of The Clan ready to launch very soon. In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be rolling out a brand new look and feel for The Clan.

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes, and we’re really looking forward to launching this new design. We hope you’ll like it, especially with the new features, including the ‘opening’ of the Virtual Museum and the new Clan system!

Meet Michelle In Wimbledon!

Michelle will be signing books on Saturday the 18th June at Wimbledon Fair, in the Bookshelf tent from 12 noon until 12:45pm. If you are in the London, area, do come along and say hello – and MAKE SURE to say you’re a Clan member!


Happy New Year to everyone!

I know I’m a bit late, but I always use Christmas as an excuse to shut out the world and do some serious writing, so for the past six weeks I’ve been completely immersed in Book One of GODS AND WARRIORS.

I hope everyone in the Clan had a good break over the New Year, and that you managed to avoid the coughs, colds and flu which seemed to be laying people low. I’d like to thank ALL of you who sent me such lovely messages about GHOST HUNTER winning the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize – and also all of you who simply got in touch, not only in the UK, but in Chile, Slovenia, the Netherlands, Indonesia…

I was also very moved to learn about what CHRONICLES OF ANCIENT DARKNESS has meant for some of you. Many of you started reading Torak’s story years ago, and so, in a sense, you’ve grown up with Torak, Renn and Wolf. For others, the books kept you company through some difficult patches, for instance, when people were picking on you at school. I know what that’s like, because I went through it myself when I was at school, and my whole class ganged up on me for a year. Reading helped me through that period too (in my case, it was THE LORD OF THE RINGS), so I’m truly glad if CHRONICLES has helped some of you.

A while ago, there was a thread discussing the question of whether or not the Clan is dying, and I read the posts with interest. My own view, for what it’s worth, is that it isn’t dying, it’s changing – just as it’s been changing every day since it began. This is because the Clan is created by each and every one of you, and it’s perfectly natural that as you grow up, you move on to other things.

But that doesn’t take away from what you had when you were a Clan member. It’s just life. And no doubt, new members will join, and so the Clan will go on, changing imperceptibly every day, as it always has. So this is nothing to be sad or annoyed about, it’s just what happens.

As Fin-Kedinn says in OUTCAST: “Everything changes, all the time. Mostly, you don’t notice… The thing to remember is that not every change is bad.”

Things are changing for me, too, because, having written DARK MATTER (and my thanks to all of you who’ve got in touch about how you enjoyed it) – I’m now writing about a new set of characters, and different animals, in a new setting, for the first book of GODS AND WARRIORS.

I’m afraid I’m still not going to say much about GODS & WARRIORS just yet, mainly because if you talk too much about a story when you’re writing it, you risk spoiling it. (I don’t know why that should be, but I know that it’s true.) What I can tell you, though, is that this spring I’ll be off on a research trip to an island in the middle of an ocean, to study some large creatures which will be featuring in Book One…

But before I go, I’ll return to CHRONICLES and all things Wolf, for a moment. As many of you know, I’m still a patron of the UK Wolf Conservation Trust in Berkshire, and just before Christmas, I visited the wolves at the Trust, and we took Torak (the wolf) out for a walk. It was the most magical time: extremely cold, so all the trees and fields and hedges were covered in brilliant white hoar-frost. Torak – who is normally a rather reserved wolf, just like Torak in the books – greeted me with a big, slobbery wolf kiss, licking me all over my face, which is most unlike him. It made me feel very honoured.

Then he had his first encounter with fire: a bonfire of dead branches and leaves. In true wolf fashion, he approached cautiously, sniffed, then extended a wary paw and touched the (non-burning) end of a branch. But being a grown wolf by now, he had too much sense to burn his paw, unlike Wolf in WOLF BROTHER!

Well, that’s all I’ve got time for, I’m afraid, as I’ve got to go and do some more work on GODS AND WARRIORS.

Once again, my thanks to each and every one of you who has got in touch. And as always…




Photo by by Express Monorail

The Biggest News This Year!

After months of speculation, we can finally tell Clanners that yes – there WILL be another BIG series by Michelle – and it will be published by Puffin Books!

The new series will be called GODS AND WARRIORS. It’s set during the Bronze Age in the Mediterranean, and Michelle has already begun work on it.

“I’ve been overwhelmed by Puffin’s passion for GODS & WARRIORS”, says Michelle. “As a child, my bookshelf was crammed with Puffin paperbacks, and I’m thrilled that my next series will become part of that tradition.”

In fact, Puffin’s Editorial Director is a Clanner herself!

“I’m so proud to be Michelle’s new editor here at Puffin” says Elv Moody, “and the very first thing I wanted to do was say a warm hello to The Clan. I’d love to get to know the Clanners in the coming months. It would be great to meet you, and while the new series is still very much under wraps, I’ll answer any questions I can!”

Elv has very kindly agreed to pop into THE CAMPFIRE over the next few days just to say hello and answer any questions. So Clanners – if you’d like to meet Michelle’s new publisher and ask any questions, there’s a new thread in THE CAMPFIRE right here!

Spooky ClanCast – The DARK MATTER Video Contest!

How about this… it’s Halloween… this is the THIRTEENTH ClanCast… and it’s all about the videos for Michelle’s new ghost story, DARK MATTER! Spooky, or what?

Come with us as Admin takes his life into his hands as he intrepidly ventures into the heart of Michelle’s British publishers… where he finds the actually very friendly Mark Rusher, marketing director for Orion Publishing.

Mark is VERY impressed with the videos so far. Listen to Mark as he makes expert comments and tells the story behind the original DARK MATTER video he produced. And… there’s some exciting news about more prizes, so listen carefully…!

Listening is easy. If all you want to do is listen right now – then click here to download the mp3 file… and you’re off!

But… there’s a better way! Why don’t you download ALL the ClanCasts onto your mp3 player – then you’ll be able to listen when you want to! Here’s how…

If you already have podcast software on your computer (such as iTunes) then simply click on this button:

If you want to subscribe manually to our podcast feed, then copy this link and paste it into the “Subscription” field of your podcatcher software.

The Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize

We won! WE WON!!! Join us to experience last night’s events at the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize, Britain’s most prestigious prize for children’s authors. As the excitement mounts, we speak to last year’s winner and judge Mal Peet, as well as other authors, readers and agents.

Admin is not exactly an impartial observer tonight! Michelle joins a distinguished line of past winners including Ted Hughes, Jacqueline Wilson, Anne Fine and Philip Pullman.

Listening is easy. If all you want to do is listen right now – then click on the “Pop-Up Player” in the sidebar on the right… and you’re off!

But… there’s a better way! Why don’t you download ALL the ClanCasts onto your mp3 player — then you’ll be able to listen when you want to! Here’s how…

If you already have podcast software on your computer (such as iTunes) then simply click on this button:

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Important News About The Wolf Brother Movie

As you know, we’ve made a commitment to the Clan to try to make sure that you always are the first people to know about important news concerning Michelle and her work. And as many of you know, in addition to being “admin”, I’m also her agent.

So I want you to be the first to know some important news about the projected Wolf Brother movie.

We sold film rights to Wolf Brother pretty soon after the first book in the series was published. There was major interest in the series and in film rights, and we decided to go with a very distinguished producer and director, Sir Ridley Scott.

Here I have to explain a little bit about how the film world works. Although Sir Ridley was the person who wanted to make the movie, the actual deal was done with Twentieth Century Fox. All went well for a time — a great script was written and a good director was appointed. Then, however, the director was offered another job – actually, directing the first Twilight movie. That was good for her, but it set our project back.

After several more years (the film business can be very slow) it began to look as if the film would be made in China. I was less than keen about this, because although I do like Chinese movies, Wolf Brother is not really a Chinese story!

Finally, we have just (yesterday) decide not to proceed with the film for the moment. This was a really tough decision, because it will inevitably disappoint a great many readers. However, both Michelle, I and indeed her publisher believe it’s the right thing to do at this stage.

So… this sets us back to square one. I am still more than keen to see Wolf Brother made into a fantastic movie, and over the weeks and months ahead, I will be talking to lots of producers and directors again. And of course, I’ll keep you posted here.

Keep the faith!


Virtual Museum Open!

The Clan’s Virtual Museum is Open For Entries!

It’s going to be a long hot summer of fantastic competitions here in The Clan. Starting today, we’re inviting entries for THE CLAN’S VIRTUAL MUSEUM. And on August 13th, we’ll be launching our biggest ever contest –asking you to do a video remix of the hot new trailer for Michelle’s forthcoming book, DARK MATTER. The prizes will be phenomenal!

Speaking of which — we have six exclusive prizes for the best entries to The Clan’s Virtual Museum — a superb sweatshirt featuring a cool new Clan design (check it out to the right!) signed by Michelle! You can’t buy these anywhere! Also, there are three personally-dedicated copies of the first edition of DARK MATTER for the winners in the older category — so get busy right now!

It’s All In The Box!

All six adventures in Michelle’s Chronicles of Ancient Darkness will be coming together on November the 4th… in an exclusive edition limited to 1000 copies only. All copies are signed by Michelle and the production values are lavish! The publisher’s price is an imposing £100… but if you search online, you can find the complete limited-edition set for as little as £62… So if you were wondering what to get for Xmas, now you know!