The Virtual Museum

Make an object… shoot a movie… create some artwork… design some clothing… or even cook some stone-age food! Then upload it here to The Clan’s Virtual Museum and proudly display it alongside other Clanners’ work!

Looking for ideas? We asked Clanners Ancient Dark, Elemental Bear, Forgotten, Mountain Goat, Polecat, Wren, Blackwolff, Naughtywolf and Red Mist to see what they could do on the topic of The Mesolithic Meal Time… click through to see their amazing work!

See below to submit your own exhibits!

NB… These exhibits have been contributed by Clanners & other keen readers, but just so you know, if you spot a detail that’s inconsistent with something in Chronicles of Ancient Darkness, please take it that the latter is definitive. In other words, Torak’s world is as described in the books!

Add Your Exhibit To The Museum!

It’s fun and very easy to add your own personal contribution to the Clan Museum. Once you’ve made your artwork, video or other contribution, simply fill in this form and press “Send Your Exhibit”.