This book will grip you like a viper with its fangs and inject you with addiction…

I was only seven or eight years old when my mother introduced me to Wolf Brother in the mid-2000s… And let’s just say, at that young age, the book really made an impression on me. It ignited the fire I still have to this day of reading (and now writing!) and expressing my love for wolves as my favourite animal. I didn’t start writing until I was fifteen or so but I will always be grateful to my mother for introducing me to these books and Michelle for writing them in the first place.

Although I do think Ghost Hunter was a fantastic end to the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series, I was over the moon to find out the series was to continue… And WHAT A RETURN! I pre-ordered and everything and even got the pre-order package (thank you for that as well by the way!).

On one last final note I just want to thank you again for the books if you do read this Michelle, and although I can’t read your ghost stories as those kind of books terrify me, please don’t ever stop writing as long as you’re able to write!

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