She ran away, as far as she could go, to the Edge of the World

The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness holds a very special place in my heart, from the age of thirteen I was captivated by the characters, the Clans, the ancient magic and the story which never failed to have my heart racing. I still get scared when I think about the demon bear looking at Renn in the cave with its red eyes! Michelle’s writing is the most immersive and descriptive I have ever experienced. It really feels like you are part of a Clan in the Neolithic. Your senses are full with the smell of pine, the noises of the forest, the coldness of snow and that feeling that you could be being watched by something out there in the dark. It truly feels like you’re living the story with the characters.

Michelle’s books and the world of prehistory have had such a profound impact on me as a teenager and young adult. I did an art degree, where most of my work centred around the theme of ancient past to present, with a focus on rewilding projects and bringing back native animals like lynxes and wolves from Torak’s world to the UK. Although I’m twenty-four now, I’m sure I will jump back into the world of Wolf Brother time and time again, and be reunited with my old friends: Torak, Renn and Wolf. 

Emma de Silva, 24, UK

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