The Ancient Ways – A Gods & Warriors Quiz

Test your wisdom in a series of questions drawn from the first four chapters of GODS AND WARRIORS

1. In the beginning of Gods and Warriors, Hylas is running for his life from the black warriors, badly injured and alone. He is in tremendous pain from an arrow embedded in his arm, and before he can escape, he has to pull out the arrow and secure the wound. How does he do this?
2. After taking care of the wound to his arm, Hylas notices that there is an odd quality about the arrowhead he's just pulled free from his arm. What is it?
3. Hylas is on the run from the black warriors, who appear to be killing everyone they can find. By the end of Chapter One, who have they killed and who is on the run from the black warriors, except Hylas?
4. As he is escaping, Hylas needs to stop the angry ghost of Skiros from following him.  How does he do this?
5. Who are the black warriors chasing?
6. What does Hylas forget to steal from Neleos' hut in the village?
7. "'I am from Keftiu,' he said haltingly, in a tongue not his own." Under what name do we know Keftiu today?
8. Why was the dying Keftian in the tomb mistaken for an Outsider by the black warriors?
9. What does Hylas give the dying Keftian to aid him on his journey in the afterlife?
10. In order for Telamon to become a warrior, one of the tasks he must complete is what?
11. What is the true name of the band of warriors known to Hylas as the Crows?
12. Before they part, Telamon gives his friend Hylas a calf-hide bag with supplies for his escape from the black warriors. What is in the bag, and what purpose does it serve?