Journey through the spellbinding and mystical world of torak and wolf. A gripping read that will make you want to read on

I first came across wolf brother on a trip to the lake district and my dad let us pick a book each to read, and being a young boy with dyslexia it was pretty daunting, but then I saw that brown/orange cover and the figures on the front page and I was taken into this world of wolf and torak, I spent all my waking time reading it and enjoyed and was enthralled by every minute of it, that love for the characters continued all the way through my middle school and high school life before it hibinated to awake again with vipers daughter and though I will be 27 in October I am still taken back and that love continues to run through my veins with wolf and torak. I can’t wait for the next book in the series to come out.


Thank you michelle for writing books that grab people who find it hard to read a chapter let alone finish a book.


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