A travel back in time to the Stone Age. A great read for both adults and children. A book about friendship and discovering the past in more then one way.

I discovered the Wolf Brother series also called Chronicles of Ancient Darkness when I was in fifth grade at the school book fair and the whole reason I got interested in the series was due the summary on the back of the cover  which left you wondering what the main characters Torak and Wolf would face. I also had a main interest in the series because I enjoyed and still do learning about native tribes. But the best part starting the series was the fact I could share this with my dad who isn’t the biggest reader in the world but also like native tribes and wolfs who fell in love with series too.  So since I first found Wolf Brother we both have been eagerly awaiting the next release in the series and youtube videos of new information from Michelle Paver  it something we both can bond over and trade theories about different things. The hardest part about starting this series is waiting for the next book and stopping myself from reveling spoilers from my dad since i claim dibs on reading the newest book first.

Erica Wilhelm Scottsboro, AL reader age 23

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