Wolf Brother

The book that started a series that has sold over 2.5 million copies in 30 languages worldwide.

Six thousand years ago. Evil stalks the land. Only twelve-year-old Torak and his wolf-cub companion can defeat it. Their journey together takes them through deep forests, across giant glaciers, and into dangers they never imagined.

In this page-turning, original, and spectacularly told adventure story, Torak and Wolf are joined by an incredible cast of characters as they battle to save their world, in this first book in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series.

‘An amazing read for any book lover… A wonderful kick-off to an amazing series of books!’ Youngtailless


“Like other great children’s books which also entrance adults, Wolf Brother conjures up an utterly believable, yet original world where the story grips you to the very last page.”


“WOLF BROTHER gripped me from the very first page. It has the three qualities of a classic children’s book. Attractive characters. Relentless pace. And superb writing. Added to which, it explores a world that was virtually unknown to us with real insight and authority. This really is a book that stands out from the crowd.”


“The kind of story you dream of reading and all too rarely find…The descriptions of an ancient world are wonderful. The vivid prose leaps off the page.”


Michelle's Notes

“Getting the idea for WOLF BROTHER was a bit like having an unplanned child: very welcome, but decidedly inconvenient. I was still writing the Jamaican trilogy, but once Wolf had got hold of me, he wouldn’t let go. Somehow, I had to find a way of finishing WOLF BROTHER, making a start on SPIRIT WALKER, AND writing THE SERPENT’S TOOTH. I promised myself that I would never again write two books in one year.”

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  • the red fox says:

    A brilliant read, it’s filled with mystery and a story that no-one could ever even begin to imagine..

  • WolfGirl says:

    A fantastic book to take you back in time to a mysterious world, where beasts rome the land and forest hunters kill. Its so fantastic that you can begin to imagine life as torak. Magic.

    WolfGirl, 14 (real name blossom)

  • Tall Tailless says:

    If you are reading this, stop reading this, and read the book instead!

  • Anon says:

    One of my favorite books, i was choosing a book off a shelf and the front cover caught my eye, i picked it up and started reading and finished all but two of the books since someone checked them out and never gave them back.

  • Mickey says:

    This series is the one that got me reading and I absolutely LOVE it! If you don’t read books then this won’t let you stop reading them! It opens up your eyes to a whole new world and i guarantee that you will never think of a book the same way again!

  • rick grimm says:

    A great read. Wonderful action, exciting book. My 11-year old is reading this for school. Teacher seems a bit off in his intepretation. Wants her to relate the story to modern day. For example, bear represents mankind. Anyone have a similar ideas or thoughts about what the characters could mean to our 21st century life?

  • Brandon says:

    The book is good enough to read may times more after you read it the first time, a great start to the series and to think I’ve had it for more than 5 years!

  • wolfboy says:

    wolf brother is awsome i got it and the fourth book of it named OUTCAST.i read the whole book of wolf brother in about 3 days and OUTCAST?well even though there is like 387 pages i read it in two or three days.

  • pack-sister says:

    Words cannot begin to describe how heart-wrenching this book is! When I found out what ‘The Listener gives his heart’s blood to the Mountain…’ meant, I cried and I will do so when I finish all of the books.

  • OtterGirl says:

    An amazing series. I can not describe just how good it is. Truly insparational

  • Wood wolf says:

    one Awsome serie to bad there are only six books.
    Great job Michelle Paver!

  • Hamish says:

    I loved reading the books and looking forward to you writing more wolfboy books. I am 8 years old

  • LionGirl says:

    that’s the best book ! i speak german and read it in german, and it’s the best book on the earth.! i love it so much.! and the another bands of “chronik der dunklen Wälder” was also very very great. i love it so!

  • J Wolf says:

    Behold, a true masterpiece by Michelle Paver!

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