The Virtual Museum – Writing Competition Entries

June 2012
Theme: The Great Wave

April 2012
Theme: Itinerary of a Bronze Age Boy
Entries: Elemental Bear, slywolf — WINNER

March 2012
Theme: A camp-fire story about the Healers turning bad
Entries: wren, AshhsA — WINNER

January 2012
Theme: Eostra’s life, thoughts, beliefs, feelings
Entries: polecat, ForestRedWolf, BlackWolff — WINNER, AkilaDelpanther, Kipcha, CJ Watso

November 2011
Theme: The point of view of a Clan Guardian
Entries: WolfsShadow, wolf of the forest — WINNER, Godess of the sea, Spacewolf, slywolf, WarriorFireWolf, Healing Charm

September 2011
Theme: Renn’s Father’s POV on Seshru
Entries: Elemental Bear — WINNER, naughtywolf, luckyluke, Red Mist, Spacewolf, wolf of the forest

July 2011
Theme: You’re travelling with someone when you see something in their possession that makes you begin to mistrust them. Are you really safe travelling with them… alone?
Entries: slywolf, WolfWanderer, naughtywolf, GlowingWolfEyes, Forgotten, polecat, peachy, ember, Spacewolf, Tiula, Archergirl, The Bright Beast, Nalgask, WolfsShadow, wolf of the forest, GeminiWolfe, Lone Tree, The Hidden Spirit, ChidoriPaw, NixNight, Elemental Bear — WINNER, cocagal, wren, wolfkeeper, Darkened

November 2010
Theme: Facing the Inner Demons
Entries: xxshewolfxx, Nalgask, Elemental Bear — WINNER, peachy, saan, ShadowWalkertwo, Forgotten, Tiula, Dragonheart, Renn from the Raven Clan, Lynxes, Godess of the sea, Thorntalon, wren, KallyMalikk

September 2010
Theme: A first clan meet for someone in Torak’s world
Entries: Elemental Bear, peachy, Wolferien, Twilightwolf, pukka, slywolf, WolfWanderer — WINNER, Tiula, greatmountainwolf

July 2010
Theme: Write about the rituals involved in a coming-of-age celebration.
Entries: Tiula — WINNER, aussiearcticwolfqueen, xxshewolfxx, Twilightwolf, dark soul, RealityDreamer, Lunai

May 2010
Theme: You wake up one day and find that one or more of your friends who were sleeping with you have disappeared. Their sleeping sacks are in a mess and the ground around them has been disturbed. What happened?
Entries: WolfWanderer, Thorntalon, spiritwalkingwolf, xxshewolfxx, Tiula, polecat, wolf of the forest — WINNER, Godess of the sea, Greyfur, Twilightwolf, slywolf

March 2010
Theme: Visiting a place for the first time
Entries: Godess of the sea — WINNER, FangsofWolf, heartkreutzstarprincess, Thorntalon, slywolf, RealityDreamer, The Black Arrow, polecat, wishiknewtorak, chinquix

January 2010
Theme: You are in a scenario where two of your loved ones are in grave danger, and you can only save one.
Entries: heartkreutzstarprincess — WINNER, Thorntalon, DeathWalker, Pack Brother Cub, Jadeclaw, Wolven Knight, Godess of the sea, Canidae, lynxshadow, Serendipity, Kon, Tiula, Archergirl, wolf of the forest, wolferien, WWW, GlowingWolfEyes, Twilightwolf, Nalgask, Willow of the red deers

November 2009
Theme: A story or a legend that would be told by the clans whilst sitting around the campfire
Entries: Willow of the red deers — WINNER, FangsofWolf, Supernova, Tiula, wolferien, heartkreutzstarprincess, wolf of the forest, xxshewolfxx, GlowingWolfEyes, Twilightwolf, DeathWalker, Godess of the sea, karotmai, WWW

September 2009
Theme: Write the beginning of Wolf Brother from Fa’s point of view
Entries: wolfhead, xzxslayerxzx, Willow of the red deers, polecat, Twilightwolf, wolffangirl, corlupa, DeathWalker, Spirit of the Lake, xxshewolfxx, heartkreuzstarprincess, Tiula, wolferien, spiritworld, Polymnia — WINNER

July 2009
Theme: A monologue from Fin-Kedinn’s perspective
Entries: wolf of the forest, colteyCoAD, WWW (entry #2), Spacewolf, Dragonheart, Twilightwolf, Tiula, Wolfhowlz, Jadeclaw, Tisha, stefan, slywolf, CiaraLuvsWolves, corlupa, DeathWalker, dreamwolf, heartkreuzstarprincess — WINNER, polecat

May 2009
Theme: An event gone wrong
Entries: Jadeclaw, Twilightwolf (edited version), Tisha, skjorhuni, Professor aka Darkened, WWW, colteyCoAD, wolf of the forest, polecat, Kon, Agwang, snowy larka, Tiula, Wolfhowlz, Lunawolff (additional entry), Blackwolf, Wolfdefender, chinquix, Dragonheart, child of the sea, KallyMalikk, xxshewolfxx, xzxslayerxzx, CiaraLuvsWolves, DeathWalker, heartkreuzstarprincess — WINNER

March 2009
Theme: Torak’s Fa and his (Torak’s) mother
Entries: Jadeclaw, heartkreuzstarprincess, skjorhuni, Tiula, musicsavesmysoul, breeze, wolf of the forest, Wolfdefender, nikkat aka ColdBright, chinquix, xxshewolfxx, corlupa, Dragonheart, DeathWalker — WINNER

January 2009
Theme: New beginnings
Entries: wolf of the forest, Professor aka Darkened, Blackwolf, Dragonheart, Renn arrow, lexylexytoraktorak, Cazak, Archergirl, chinquix, snowy larka, shewolfatdawn, MidnightSWolf, The Bright Beast, Forest Clan Spirit, wolveseyeswatching, child of the sea, cjwatso, Firestrenght, Twilightwolf, karotmai, Tophi, forestfred, Spacewolf, polecat, colteyCoAD, Shortclaw, KallyMalikk, oO Renn Oo, Godess of the sea, The Unearthly Light, DeathWalker — WINNER

November 2008
Theme: You are in a situation where someone with you is mortally wounded and could possibly die. What do you do to save them?
Entries: Toby, wolf of the forest, squirrelnut, slywolf, darknessassasin, EshInoBi, Zeldafanjohn, ElfQueen, Matternacht, emmetc, DeathWalker, lexylexytoraktorak, Akhlut, Archergirl, Spacewolf, Twilightwolf, Moog, Probe, lexylexytoraktorak, shewolfatdawn, Dark Spirit Walker, Dragonheart — WINNER

September 2008
Theme: Breaking an oath
Entries: chinquix, RennRaven, Wolfmoon, Recan, corlupa, child of the sea, chiwawagirl, Leaf, Eagle Eyes In The Snow — WINNER, MidnightSWolf / Professor aka Darkened, one of the seven, Dragonheart

July 2008
Theme: Doing an activity as a family/clan during summer
Entries: Fenrar, KallyMalikk, JGroove, wereleopardwithwolfheart, Season, StormDance, lupinewarrior, liam5240, elibubble, Browneyes, child of the sea, the wandering wolf, Bella, Spacewolf, whitefang, chinquix, corlupa, severinka, Amber, MidnightSWolf, Professor aka Darkened — WINNER, Ouch, Zeldafanjohn

May 2008
Theme: A poem about Clan Mages
Entries: BLaCkBUtteRfLy, daydreameroboes, The Dark Mage, Joshalos, Fenrar, RavenGurl, mysticgirl, Professor aka Darkened, iron eyes, hardfang, Blackwolf, child of the sea, liam5240, Agwang, one of the seven, lupinewarrior — WINNER

March 2008
Theme: First person
Entries: daydreameroboes, corlupa, Wenigwolf, ShadowWolfGirl, MidnightSWolf — WINNER, wolfrunningwild, SheWolfAtSoul, Wolfwings, ragre, Agwang, Wok Fult, whitefang, one of the seven, Renn arrow, darknessassasin, severinka, Fenrar, Blackwolf, polecat, chiwawagirl, RavenGurl, Ouch

January 2008
Theme: A meeting/contest between a Sea Clan and a Forest Clan
Entries: Blackwolf, one of the seven, whitefang, wolfrepublic, corlupa, flameboy, AtOneWithTheWolves aka Ouch — WINNER, daydreameroboes, MidnightSWolf

November 2007
Theme: Anything to do with CoAD, as long as it’s inspired by Halloween
Entries: polecat, Hirqa, Blackwolf, Blackskin, AtOneWithTheWolves, daydreameroboes, Sparrow, one of the seven, Akhlut — WINNER

September 2007
Theme: Clan Guardian
Entries: Azorok, Swan Mage, firen, thewhitewolf, corlupa, Sparrow, Blackwolf, Kallydog, Pokeapache, Hirqa, Ethaneo, Stelleluna, Fire Opal, Medea, ravengirlforlife, Arisa, Crimsonfred, Wenigwolf, Cajomo — WINNER, Great wolf in the sky

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