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  • Flint Axehead

    A real flint axehead, about 6000 years old – that is, from Torak’s time; it would have been mounted on a handle of antler or wood.  You can probably see that it’s thicker in the middle: this gives it more weight and heft in use.  And to ensure that your axe is the right size for you, a traditionaly rule of thumb is that the axehead should be about the length from the heel of your hand to the tip of your middle finger.  You can see that this axehead doesn’t reach my middle fingertip, which means that the person for whom it was made was either a bit shorter than me (I’m 5ft 6 and a half inches) – or had smaller hands.

  • Mittens

    Reindeer-hide mittens, made by Inuit in Arctic Canada: I bought them while in Churchill, on the Hudson Bay, while researching polar bears for SOUL EATER.  The mittens were sewn in the traditional way, with bone needles and sinew thread. And the fur on the palms points upwards, ie towards the wrist: this helps a lot when handling slippery objects, like fish

  • Sami Knife

    A small Sami knife made of reindeer antler, the hilt bound with split pine root, to improve the grip.  I bought this in Lapland, north Norway, on my first WOLF BROTHER research trip.  And my necklace is made of ringed seal claws., I bought it in Greenland while researching SPIRIT WALKER.  (And  in case you’re worried, ringed seals are not endangered; they’re an important source of food for the Inuit; the seal whose claws I’m wearing was eaten, it would have fed about twelve people.)

  • Medicine Horn

    The original medicine horn which is gave me the idea for Torak’s medicine horn.  This one is made of antelope horn, with a wooden stopper and base.  My aunt, who lived on a game reserve in Zimbabwe, sent it to me for Christmas when I was about nine years old.  Her note read: “This belonged to a sangoma (witch doctor).  Don’t sniff what’s inside, it used to contain powdered snake.”  Too late, I already had!

  • Creating A Stone Age Universe

    This is how I started to construct Torak’s world