Tools and Weapons

Fa’s knife: I carved the slate roughly with a knife to the willow leaf shape, then used a stone to smooth the edges and sharpen the point. I made a slit in the top of the bone with my other knife and cut off any sharp edges to create the handle, testing the blade fitted in the slot. Some watercolour paints were used to make the blue bands on the blade, and then it was left to dry. I slotted the blade into the handle, then wound the strip of leather around the handle, leaving a little bone exposed at the end. By AquaHuskey.

Quiver: By Darkened.

Holmgaard bow: My Holmgaard is made of english ash and has a 75lb draw weight (how heavy it is to pull back). Some metal and some flint tools (flint ones made by myself) were used to shape it but the way the metal tools were used are almost exactly the same as ancient ways. By Flintknapper.

Holmgaard bow: The picture of the bow with two arrows is just after completion before I could add the leather hand hold. By Flintknapper.

Feather fletchings: Using some thread, I tied some pigeon feathers to the other end, to fletch the arrow. By ShadowSilverWolf.

Bone needle: Out of the remaining bone stripped from my dagger I decided to make a needle. After lots of sanding it became really sharp. By cameldog.

Quiver: Quivers were used simply to carry and store arrows and we have seen them in all six books of the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness. By cameldog.

Atlatl or Spear thrower: The Atlatl was an ancient hunting weapon previous to even the bow. It gave the hunter the capability to throw his spear over a larger distance and with greater strength. By cameldog.

Sling: By cameldog.

Sling: Out of imitation leather I made the pouch to hold the rocks used and then tied a leather cord to each end. These are the ones to hold and release one of them when the sling is in use. By cameldog.

Bone dagger: Bone daggers had several uses such as hunting. They are one of mans’ earliest weapons.
It took me ages for my local butcher to have the right bone for the dagger in stock. At home I boiled it and scraped off the excess meat, pretty gross work. Afterwards came the worst and stinkiest part, cutting the bone to the right shape and get rid of the bone marrow. After achieving this I indented the harpoon like teeth on the dagger. By cameldog.

Feather fletches: I split the other end into quarters and simply inserted four feathers which I secured with string. By cameldog.

Arrowhead: I cut out a rectangular piece centered at one end of the branch where I inserted the stone arrowhead. Then I tightened it with cordage to make a tight bond. By cameldog.

Arrow: By cameldog.

Stone axe: I got a freshly cut branch from a bush so it would not be brittle and snap. Next I got a stone axe head the right size to fit into my handle. After securely tightening the axe head to the shaft with cordage the axe was ready. By cameldog.

Arrowhead: To make the arrow head, I flintknapped rock for endless hours to get the shape I wanted (as seen below in the pictures). I banged and scraped for days in order to get the sharp point and the thinned edges, made to easily puncture the skin of prey in order to inflict the damage and kill the animal for food. By Scarwolf.

Arrowhead and shaft: The shaft is a relatively small, straight branch that I spent days searching for. I carved and stripped it in order to make it as straight as possible so that the arrow would fly straight as well. I then created a slit in the top end of the shaft in order to insert the arrow head, before securing the arrow head with stripped willow (and a little bit of string). By Scarwolf.

Wristguard: Renn’s wristguard was made of greenstone, however I didn’t have any greenstone handy, so I cut a piece of cardboard and covered it with green leather instead. The ties are made of string, but in Torak and Renn’s world they’d have probably been made of rawhide. By wren.

Quiver: I made it by collecting all the bamboo like stuff and stripping off the leafy things, and cutting them all to the same size and I made 3 cylinders of the flax stuff, weaving the bamboo stuff in between them. I then weaved together the flax to make a side and bottom. By Darkened.

Arrowhead: I found a close-to-triangle-shaped piece of slate. By ShadowSilverWolf.

Arrowhead: I split one end of the stick, and stuck the arrowhead in there and tightly wrapped some thread around it, to make it more secure. By ShadowSilverWolf.

Antler: This is a single antler and was found in the wilds of Alaska, it was shed from a species of animal such as elk, caribou, or deer. By TwilightWolf.

Fur pouch: I had some fake fur left over from making something else, so I folded it into that shape and sewed it up. By forestfred.

Flint arrowhead: This is my first attempt at flint knapping. The head is a bit blunt and the sides are rough but, oh well: By the healer.

Flint knapping: By forest spirits.

Nettle cordage: You get the stinging nettle, pull all of the leaves off and rub it to get rid of all of the poison spines. You then bend it a little to loosen the fibres. Then you twist it and peel the skin off and leave it to dry in the sun. Next you wet it in your mouth and twist each end in opposite directions. They should kink together, then twist. By forest spirits.

Fish filleting knife: You do some flint knapping and split a stick and tie it together. I used spruce root, pine and flint. By forest spirits.

Berry picker: This berry picker could have been used by the clans to make foraging easier. For example, picking blackberries without getting pricked by thorns. By forest spirits.

Medicine horn: It’s capped with a pebble that’s held in place by a leather strap. By Gwalia.

Medicine horn: I hollowed it out with a chisel after softening it with water. By Gwalia.

Medicine horn: This medicine horn is made from a small cow horn about as long as my thumb. By Gwalia.

Arrow: The first thing I did to make this was go and find a stick the right length and straightness. By forestfred.

Birch bark cup: First I got the bark wet so it was a little more bendable. Then I bent it into a cone shape, and tied string around it to hold it in place. By forestfred.

Bone whistle: I’ve used a piece of string to make the cord Renn uses to tie the whistle around her neck, and the it’s not actually grouse bone but a hollowed out chicken bone which I scratched a bit and dried to give it a “used” feel and then sort of decorated using colourful stones I made into powder. By Agwang.

Bow close up: I took a willow branch and wrapped it around the branch for a grip. By forestfred.

Fa’s knife: This is made out of the exact same materials as Fa’s. The haft is real deer antler, the blade is real blue slate, and the elk sinew is completely real. Parental supervision is highly recommended in making this knife. By Kin of the Wolves.

Antler: By forestfred.