Art and Ornamentation

Artwork, jewellery and ornamentations.

Mountain of the World Spirit: By Twilightwolf.

Video: Clothing and tools from the Stone Age. By medacinepouch.


Video: Clothing and tools from the Stone Age. By medacinepouch.

Renn: Renn has one hand on her quiver, the other on a deer. By Thorntalon.

Renn is shooting an arrow, because that is what she is best known for. By Thorntalon.

Fa’s Seal amulet: *Ghost Hunter spoiler* I chose this item because we don’t really know that much about Fa and I love to soak up every new piece of information we learn about him. It is drawn with a 2B graphite pencil and took around 3 hours. By Lone Tree.

Fa’s knife: By Lone Tree.

Eostra owl mask: Eostra herself is a very deeply described character, and most of the fear and darkness in the books are around the Eagle Owl mage; the mask is probably the most prominant part of the Soul-Eater image. By naughtywolf.

Roe deer: I made the actual sculpture by tying the base pieces of driftwood together and then gluing small bits onto it. By xxshewolfxx.

Horse cave painting: By cameldog.

Eostra owl mask: It started as a Venetian plastic mask which I then altered cutting large round owl eyes as well as paper mache to construct the owl’s beak and to stiffen the mask. Later on I painted the mask and added some feathers from a feather duster. By cameldog.

Necklace: Jewelry has been used since prehistoric times being used as a spiritual thing or simply decoratively.
I made it from some bone from an old broken necklace my grandma had, along with two shells in which I carefully made a little hole to pass the string through and the wolf amulet I had previously made out of bamboo. These were all strung together with fishing wire. By cameldog.

Bison cave painting: By cameldog.

Cliff: *Oath Breaker spoiler* The cliff from which Bale is pushed. By RealityDreamer.

Bear: By Simloe.

Bale: By WolfeyGirl.

Stone Age arrowheads: It is a drawing of some real stone age arrowheads that my grandfather owns. By Runu.

Video: Wolf and the Nanuak. By AquaHuskey.


Video: Wolf and the Nanuak. By AquaHuskey.

Wolf howling for torak with his new pack: By the healer.

Torak: By the healer.

Renn: By the healer.

Fa’s knife and also the knife that Fin-Keddin gave Torak: By the healer.

Pebble: *Outcast spoiler* I have made the stone that Torak gave to Renn when he was outcast, which was then taken by Seshru. By forest spirits.

Fa’s Seal amulet: I made it out of medium brown craft clay. By Gwalia.

Tokoroths: By Apollo.

Torak and Renn in disguise (Soul Eater): By ancient dark.

The hunting party who capture Torak (Wolf Brother): By ancient dark.

The dawn of a new year: By ancient dark.

The friendship between a human and an animal: By ancient dark.

Winter in the CoAD world: By Akari.

Tokoroths: By Akari.

A cave painting: By Akari.

Winter-based activities: By AiskouToKeira.

Demons and the Otherworld: By AiskouToKeira.

The Crag on the Seal Islands: By Agwang.

Trying to please the World Spirit: By gryffindorhg.