Art and Ornamentation

Artwork, jewellery and ornamentations.

Tokoroths: By Clan Soul.

Winter in the CoAD world: By Chiwawagirl.

Incarnation of the World Spirit in summer/spring: By Chiwawagirl.

Newborn: By Chiwawagirl.

Tokoroths: By Chinquix.

The Crag on the Seal Islands: By Chinquix.

Winter-based activities: By child of the sea.

Incarnation of the World Spirit in summer/spring: By Chiaroscuro.

Oath Breaker cover: By Cazak.

The friendship between a human and an animal: By Carro.

Ghost Hunter cover: By callumofthewolf.

Oath Breaker cover: By Browneyes.

Oath Breaker cover: By Browneyes.

Fa lying wounded: By breeze.

Eostra’s Eagle Owl Mask: By blonde wolf.

Torak and Renn in disguise (Soul Eater): By Blonde Wolf.

Winter festival: By blackwolf.

Torak: By Bityamoka.

Torak: By Bityamoka.

Fa lying wounded: By Bitayamoka.

Torak: By Bird of Prey.

Oath Breaker cover: By bella.

Trying to please the World Spirit: By Elemental Bear.

Advertising the film: By baddog.

Torak and Renn in disguise (Soul Eater): By aussiearcticwolfqueen.

The hunting party who capture Torak (Wolf Brother): By AshhsA.

Fire-opal: *Spoiler* I chose a red tiger’s eye stone for my interpretation of the Fire-Opal. It’s not as epic as the description above but I think it fits it’s name as it’s very deep red (even though it looks a little orange in the pic!) and opals have all sorts of shades of colours in them which is what I see in the tiger’s eye.

Wolf: By wolfclanchick.

Torak: By WolfeyGirl.

Mountain of Ghosts: *Ghost Hunter spoiler*  By wren.

Clan tattoos: *Spoilers* A guide to the Clan tattoos that appear throughout the books. By Lone Tree.

Soul Eaters: *Spoilers* It is a four silhouettes of an eagle owl, viper, bat and oak leaf. These represent the four soul eaters that torak meats in Soul Eater. By Simloe.

Fa’s Seal amulet: The small details were sculpted with clay tools and a tack. By Gwalia.

Seal Clan hair braid: *Spoilers* The Seal Clan wear shells in their hair as mentioned in Spirit Walker. I made my braid out of things I found on the beach in Cornwall (best place to go ever!) except for the twine. The feathers are sea gull’s and the twine stuff is a strand from a palm fond in my garden. By Feather heart.

Renn: By wolfclanchick.

Renn: By WolfeyGirl.

Renn: By xxshewolfxx.

Necklace: The is a necklace made with baltic amber and real wolf teeth. By Flintknapper.

Torak on a skinboat: By Owlmage.

Wolf: It captures Wolf as a dark creature lurking through the woods. By desbrown.